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Declivis butterfly fish for sale

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Thread: Declivis butterfly fish for sale

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    Default Declivis butterfly fish for sale

    Hi guys,

    Its time for me to sell my declivis butterfly.Ive had him over a year and he is in need of a larger system.He is about 3.5 inches in length.Not the sort of fish you see every day and not easy to find a good one.He has been a joy to keep and will be missed as he has a real personality.He is totally safe with sps corals and although he will nip some lps he has never caused damage to them to the point of killing anything.I have had him in the tank with the same lps for all his time here.
    Im am looking for offers around 160 and can arrange delivery anywhere in the the UK.I will take the fish to TAC where he will be bagged and boxed professionnally for the trip.Interested parties must have a suitable system as the well being of the fish is my only concern.

    Thanks for looking!


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    Provisionally sold but feel free to show interest.



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    Just googled this fish...what a beautiful fish! ATB with the sale Dave

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